Dating 102: A Modern Day Romance with Chocolate, Roses, & Lingerie!

When it comes to spicing up dating beyond the warm cappuccinos, rose filled champagne glasses, and sushi dinners, there is something to be said about the after party of chocolate, roses, and lingerie. For a woman trying to impress that prince charming, the sight of curve hugging lingerie is going to get his mouth drooling for dessert! In the world of modern age dating, we have shifted away from traditional forms of a love language when it comes to romance. That’s why it’s important we start to gravitate towards traditional elements in dating and combine them into a modern day romance. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Modern Day Romance

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Small Gestures Speak Desire

Matters of the heart speak volumes, especially when it comes to chivalry in the world of dating. Whether your prince charming opens the door or provides you with a dozen red roses, or your Princess feeds you decadent chocolates in surprise lingerie, both speak desire, and can heighten the romance factor.

Small gestures like romantic notes, bouquets of flowers, and chocolates hit one’s soul on a deeper level, so intimacy comes naturally. The greeting card industry, gourmet chocolates, and Victoria secret lingerie are businesses that keep thriving even in weak economic conditions, because a modern day romance will not thrive without these elements.

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Understand The Five Senses In Terms Of Romance

For those new to the world of dating or even someone looking to sharpen their vocabulary in the language of love, the easiest way to go from 1 to 10 in less than a week is to understand the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. Once you master them in relation to your honey, the rest is a piece of cake.

For instance, with sight, an example would be dressing sexy for your person of interest. A woman sporting a red dress, or black lace top to highlight curves, and for him wearing a nice dress shirt, or getting his beard professionally groomed. Smell is also just as important, and what scents you choose to wear could be a difference in how much affection you will receive.

The way someone touches you to the way someone holds your hand or even puts their arms around you speaks volumes of how deep their feelings are for you. Finally, the taste will be the one thing you can play with, especially when it comes to what you decide to order and feed each other.

A Sweet taste produces more of that love dopamine, which trickles down into areas like work or self care. Taste can be played up with a home cooked meal, a warm chocolate soufflé you both share, or a passionate French kiss!


Tango The Night Away

Dancing is right there in introduction to the dictionary of love. Once you learn how to connect your internal rhythm to the beats of music, and you start to move your body with the music, passion and harmony begin to align.

Real passion and desire start to ignite a soul connection, so when you dance with your person of interest you begin to get in sync. Dancing together produces natural dopamine, and is a great way to break the ice before real intimacy happens in the bedroom.

You can explore the way your partner moves to the faster beats versus the slower beats, and vice versa. Just take a few tips from the hottest dance show around Dancing with the Stars, because the passion, desire, and energy are all there.

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modern age dating

Silver Lights Explores The Modern Day Romance

Not all modern day romances are created equal. Author, Michelle Lynn does a great job digging deeper into this concept in her second book Silver Heels, Book 2 in the Silver Lights Book Series.

The Silver Lights Book series follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment.

The series gives a fresh perspective on exotic dancing like you have never read before from Silver Lights, debunking the myths of exotic dancers to the second book, Silver Heels detailing the tell tale drama of the club’s top spenders, as the once former playground of adult entertainment becomes a deadly game between the rich, the mob, and wall street. Scene -by -scene, chapter -by -chapter, and act-by -act, you will begin to feel the erotic thriller in the Silver Lights series come alive as author Michelle Lynn takes you between a screenplay and novel.

Her unique style of writing and format is unheard of in the world of novels and is fresh in keeping you guessing, and feeling as if you are part of the core drama that begins to unravel in her second novel, Silver Heels.

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By Michelle Lynn

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