Silver Heels

Book 2 in an Erotic Thriller Novel Series by Michelle Lynn

Excerpts from the novel, Silver Heels


Skylar’s first real taste of a champagne room is happening right before her eyes. On screen, there is a porn video playing and in the background, there is house music playing. Skylar starts dancing for Brooks Kennedy with Amber, letting the power of her Silver Heels protect her spirit from going too far. She can’t believe what is happening, that in a matter of seconds she is about to get hot and heavy with a porn star and a handsome socialite.

As she starts dancing for Brooks Kennedy, he grabs her face against his and starts kissing her slow and sensual. He gently slips his tongue into her mouth, locking tongues. He is quite the advanced kisser, and the two start getting in unison with their kisses. Skylar gets turned on but after five minutes, Brooks moves to Amber. Skylar moves to the side as the two really take it up a notch.

Racy Excerpt from the Book Silver Heels
A woman's torso in lacy panties with a glass of champagne in front

Brooks takes off Amber’s lace underwear and starts massaging her labia and gently stroking her clit, focusing on the right pressure to hit her G spot. She begins to moan and pulls out her strawberry-flavored lube, rubbing it across her clit. Brooks moves his face closer to hers, and the two are sucking face once again, passionately kissing.

Skylar is dancing while this is going on, hoping no one notices her. Suddenly, Brooks stops and looks at her. Skylar starts talking dirty to keep the attention on them. “You guys, I’m getting so turned on watching you. Keep this up, I’m just going to touch my pussy while I watch. Brooks, baby, give me a show. One that will make her scream for your nice hard cock.”


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Soon enough, Skylar’s hormones will be raging from his second part of the night, the Taste of Temptation. His prepared aphrodisiac dishes are infused with all the right flavors and ingredients that will incite her hormones to moan. His signature dishes will produce a surge of sexual energy that will overtake Skylar’s hormones so much that by the time she enters the third part of the date, the master bedroom fantasy, she will be begging the Dark Knight to tear off his clothes and enter her insides.

Pierre takes the silver blindfold and gently wraps it around Skylar. He claps again, the music turns to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing,” and the upbeat music really hits Skylar that moment. Pierre goes to the kitchen to grab his three signature dishes that make girls like Skylar experience their first foodgasm. He is a professional romancer with expertise in aphrodisiac foods and he has his three dishes perfectly cooked and flavored in such a way that will overwhelm Skylar’s sexual urges and she will be ready to go all the way in his bedroom…

A woman eating a strawberry covered in chocolate

…Skylar begins to lick his finger and something in the chocolate sauce is literally making her hormones rage. He removes his finger, then grabs her face and starts passionately kissing her, sucking her bottom lip in a way you only see in a soft porn movie. Then he tells her to relax for a minute before they finish the last two dishes. He starts kissing her neck and he can smell her amber vanilla scent, which gets his cock super hard. Skylar can feel how hard it is as he presses his body firmly against hers. He begins to kiss around her hair and neck, teasing her in such as way that she will scream once she tastes the chocolate soufflé. Then all of sudden, Rod Stewarts’s song, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” comes on, adding another level of temptation to the erotic date.

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