Silver Lights

Book 1 in an Erotic Thriller Novel Series by Michelle Lynn

Excerpts from the novel, Silver Lights


SALES ASSOCIATE DESIREE: Yes, costumes for role play are a big part of the adult industry. They create fantasy, which is one element in the business of fetish parties, gentlemen’s clubs, and swinger parties. Do you want me to show you our top-selling one? The dominatrix one?

SKYLAR: Nah, I’m not ready to be a dominatrix. I would prefer to be a submissive.

SALES ASSOCIATE DESIREE: Really? You’re missing out because it’s so fun, and a lot of high-powered men at the end of the day just want to give up control and be dominated.

SKYLAR: (Hesitantly) Okay. I just came in looking for some dresses or lingerie.

SALES ASSOCIATE DESIREE: So are you a porn star, stripper, or starved housewife that needs to get laid?

Quote from the Book Silver Lights by Michelle Lynn
Red Lingerie with Roses laid on top

SKYLAR LYNN: (laughs) I’m an exotic dancer. (Embarrassed) I just got hired.

SALES ASSOCIATES: Peaches, there is no need to be embarrassed about that. I help lots of young women like yourself turn into exotic dancers, if you prefer to use that word over “strippers.”

SKYLAR LYNN: That’s good to hear because I literally just got hired yesterday at Silver Lights, and I start Wednesday. And I have no clue what I should wear.

SALES ASSOCIATE DESIREE: I sell a lot of lingerie, club wear, and other accessories to all types of dancers, including experienced and newbies like yourself.


Quote from the Silver Lights Book

TONY: You look nervous. Trust me, I have your back. I will tell you a little secret. In another lifetime, about fifteen years ago, I was a male dancer—that helped me escape a life of crime. I’m grateful every day for this industry because it saved me from a prison sentence, a life of smuggling drugs and laundering money, and digging my own grave.

SKYLAR: (stunned) Really?

TONY: It’s true. You can look at this position two ways: a meal ticket, or a role of a lifetime.

SKYLAR: How do you know that I am not looking at this as a role of a lifetime?

TONY: I didn’t make an assumption. I’m just telling you what I have seen over the past ten years; either you can get swallowed up and then spit back out on the cold streets, or you can make a name for yourself. Remember to erase any stereotypes you have seen about strip clubs from films like Striptease, The Sopranos, or Showgirls because behind every drama-filled story, there is light.

SKYLAR: I love Sopranos though. It would be exciting if there was some drama going on that mirrored a bit of the show. I need some real life mafia material for my future screenplay, Hollywood Dreams.

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