Silver Lights

Book 1

Silver Lights Book 1 - dance floor scene

Chapter 8: Hollywood Dreams

The Hollywood Dream starts the moment we open our eyes and ears to the “magic” of film. The universal language that film gives each one of us on a subconscious level creates a larger pathway of hope and inspiration. The stories from the big screen that touch our soul, captivate our thoughts, and awaken our dreams are the ones that bring us closer to the power of The Silver Lights. For Skylar, her dreams of being a Hollywood screenwriter and actress were awakened even more from the moment she slipped into her first pair of Silver Heels. You can see the way the Silver Heels give her the strength to perform with elegance. As Skylar waits patiently backstage, the magic of the Silver Heels elevate her feet to connect her mind, body, and spirit, as minutes are dwindling down for her first dance performance.

DJ Pauly was down to the last song set before Skylar’s performance. The Silver Lights once again entered her picture, this time flashing the song and dance “Greased Lightning” from one of her favorite dance movies, Grease.

Skylar immediately was taken back to this scene for a few seconds and the picture of John Travolta and the male cast performing this song ignited a fire of passion. Would Skylar Lynn be able to perform like her favorite dance stars, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from the movie Grease, or would she just freeze up on stage? These questions were building up behind the scenes as minutes were ticking down to seconds, and soon the small-town girl from the Midwest would never be the same again as she took the stage to rock n’ roll. 

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