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Fifty Shades of Sex Appeal

Warning:  This article has some different categories of what constitutes Sex Appeal!  Some of the topics may be a little bit off kilter than the typical go to suggestions like big butts, Playboy bodies, cosmetic surgery, and of course flirting. The good news is you don’t have to be the Sexiest Cat around to make a Purr-fect statement in Sex Appeal.  Let’s get started…

Shade 1: Womens Lingerie

The Women’s lingerie and nightwear is making moves in the category of Sex Appeal!  One shade of Sex appeal that is boosting female empowerment, and Sizzling on the radar scale of Sexy is lingerie and nightwear. According to Zion Market Research, the lingerie market will reach 59.15 billion by 2024.  In 2017, the value of global lingerie was valued at 38.19 billion. The evolution of lingerie has evolved from the days of the pin up model to being a dominating industry player in vertical markets like film, beauty, publishing, and self-empowerment.  From how to wear lingerie to lingerie parties to even lingerie bridal designs, the lingerie market is exploding into everyday life.  For years, the idea of lingerie was created to enhance sexual desire in areas of romance, but today, marketers are using lingerie as a vehicle in redefining sex appeal. With the onset of social media, and the millions of lingerie selfies floating the Internet, and weight loss victories showing off hard earned bikini bodies, one thing that is true is that lingerie brings on the smoke factor!   Some of the top companies marketing the Fifty Shades of Sex Appeal in lingerie are, Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, and

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Shade 2: Sexy Dance Moves

The art of sex appeal stirs up desire in the world of dance from hot salsa routines to the crazy uproar of Dancing with The Stars to exotic pole dance routines to the latest fad of Tik Tok Videos to surge the Internet.  The Sexy dance moves stir up desire by creating flexibility, improving strength, improving well-being, reducing stress, helping with weight loss, reducing depression, improving social skills and, boosting immune a higher sense of self esteem which leads to an open mindset.  Therefore, the equation for  a life of pure freedom, joy, and desire results when you combine sexy dance moves plus sexy lingerie to yield a multiplier effect of The Fifty Shades of Sex Appeal!

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Shade 3: Inner Goddess

The one category in Fifty Shades of Sex Appeal that seems quite obvious, but is super hard to master is how to Channel Your Inner Goddess. To Channel Your Inner Goddess you must be at one with your mind, body, and spirit connection. Once you have connected the element of your spirituality with your mind and body, the category of Sex Appeal starts to shine. By learning to step out of the darkness around limiting beliefs, and into the light, you automatically begin to unleash The Inner Goddess. Whether you were told you would never account to anything, or were bullied because of the way you looked, it all comes down to dehypnotizing those experiences, and then realigning them back through meditation, and connecting your inner goddess to a self empowering mindset, one that elevates sensuality to manifest not just desires, but dreams too. Our dreams tie into our deepest desires, sending messages to our subconscious to awaken them.

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The Inner Goddess emerges through a spiritual awakening of the mind, body, and spirit.  Sex, aroused stimulation, orgasms, masturbation, twin flames, lustful desire, steamy romance novels, and porn movies all bring a short rush of euphoria in activating The Inner Goddess, but for a more sustainable euphoric feeling in activating The Inner Goddess it must come from within, and heightened by our connection to the spiritual world, ultimately manifesting our dreams.  This goes back to the theory of evolutionism, nurture vs. nature.  When you first came into this world you were naked and you didn’t know anything except relying on automatic reflexes like smiling when you felt happy, crying when you needed to eat or attention, and as your brain started to mature, your personality and views about life began to form based on your environment and what you were conditioned to believe.  As life progressed, parts of your inner goddess began to get covered by the darker shadows of limiting beliefs and societal conventions.  The Inner Goddess is what gets you to the other side of fear, which is acceptance, and by overcoming the darkest shadows of your beliefs; you begin to explore the most naked version of your self.  Thus, tuning into the present moment with your most naked self will instantly help you channel a natural rhythm and energy flow that awakens the power of your five senses: smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste. To further channel The Inner Goddess experience, you can infiltrate more of the sensual awakening experience by focusing on products and experiences that do just that.  Some of these are erotic oils, sensual baths, pheromone scented candles, aphrodisiac foods, sensual music, exotic retreats, tantric workshops, or reading self-empowering erotic books.

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One self-empowering erotic book series that is paving the way of Fifty Shades of Sex Appeal is The Silver Lights Book Series.

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The Silver Lights Book series follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment. The series gives a fresh perspective on exotic dancing like you have never read before from Silver Lights, debunking the myths of exotic dancers to the second book, Silver Heels detailing the tell tale drama of the club’s top spenders, as the once former playground of adult entertainment becomes a deadly game between the rich, the mob, and wall street. Scene -by -scene, chapter -by -chapter, and act-by -act, you will begin to feel the erotic thriller in the Silver Lights series come alive as author Michelle Lynn takes you between a screenplay and novel. Her unique style of writing and format is unheard of in the world of novels and is fresh in keeping you guessing, and feeling as if you are part of the core drama that begins to unravel in her second novel, Silver Heels.

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By Michelle Lynn

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