The Love War Of Date Night: Romantic Vs Sexy

Date night is actually a love war! In the world of dating it’s a full fledge love war when it comes to Romantic date nights versus Sexy Date nights. Would you rather be serenaded to Frank Sinatra music and fed a gourmet meal, or would you rather embark on aphrodisiac buffet, and a hot night of nude salsa dancing?

For many in the adventurous world of dating nothing is off limits, however a woman’s idea of a romantic date night may be slightly different than a man’s version of a great date night. The same thing applies to fun date ideas, romantic things for her, great date ideas, creative dates, and best date options. The war of the Romantic vs. Sexy Date nights is just getting started …
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Secy Date #1: Plan An Aphrodisiac Taste Test!

The market of aphrodisiacs is at the forefront in the love war of dating! Aphrodisiacs create pleasure, excitement and instill a sense of sexual desire. Food is perhaps the best aphrodisiac one can use in making a sexy date’s mouth water.
Whether you want to get frisky with oysters, or flirty with champagne and strawberries, you can make for one incredible date night by adding a blind aphrodisiac taste test.

This date is often done at one’s home. Make sure to include a fun flirty drink, a savory appetizer, a mouthwatering entrée, and an intoxicating dessert that will leave your date wanting more. The choice of language here sets the tone and is just as important as the menu selection. Make sure your verbal cues create desire as you take control of the night with your date. Also, don’t forget to add a sexy treat if they guess right!

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Romantic Date #1: Take A Cooking Class Together

So if you are not a Master Chef when it comes to the menu of Aphrodisiac Food, you could always hone your skills by taking a cooking class together. Cooking makes a great hands on activity with your date by prepping the food together, chopping, sizzling, and spicing! You can find out what flavors your date prefers and understand their love language a bit better.

When it comes to cooking together you can naturally strike up a conversation on your date’s food preferences, whether your date prefers savory over sweeter, appetizers over desserts or even spicy over mild will be the difference between a Sizzling date over a Smoky one! The act of cooking together allows for one flavor-iffic date!

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Sexy Date 2: Go Salsa Dancing


A couple that vibes together definitely stays together! No doubt that is true in the steamy world of sexy dates. One sexy date idea that is guaranteed to get you and your honey grooving and moving is Salsa Dancing. Salsa dancing is a great way to get closer without pushing the boundaries.

It allows you to be flirty and intimate without talking, and creates a stronger connection by having you connect all three elements: movement, rhythm, and music. The way you learn how to connect and move with your partner’s body creates an instant connection, and increases happiness.

The biggest benefit of Salsa Dancing when it comes to the love war of romantic vs. sexy dates is that it turns up Desire, and without desire ,date night would be boring! Dancing is one of those key ingredients to the recipe of passion, and desire.

Romantic Date 2: Plan A Scenic Date

There is nothing more romantic than a scenic date. From a helicopter tour of the beach coast to a picnic in the countryside or even a horse and buggy ride in Central Park, the most romantic dates are scenic. The scenic dates set the bar high when it comes to chivalry in dating. These picturesque dates allow couples to relax and become more open to the possibility of an ever after love.

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Silver Lights Book Series Explores The Sexy Date

One book that digs a bit deeper at the concept of sexy and romantic dating is Silver Heels, Book 2 in the Silver Lights Book Series.

The Silver Lights Book series follows a Hollywood dreamer by the name of Skylar Lynn as she begins to dance her way into stardom by exploring the underground world of exotic entertainment.

The series gives a fresh perspective on exotic dancing like you have never read before from Silver Lights, debunking the myths of exotic dancers to the second book, Silver Heels detailing the tell tale drama of the club’s top spenders, as the once former playground of adult entertainment becomes a deadly game between the rich, the mob, and wall street. Scene -by -scene, chapter -by -chapter, and act-by -act, you will begin to feel the erotic thriller in the Silver Lights series come alive as author Michelle Lynn takes you between a screenplay and novel.

Her unique style of writing and format is unheard of in the world of novels and is fresh in keeping you guessing, and feeling as if you are part of the core drama that begins to unravel in her second novel, Silver Heels.

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