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Silver Lights TV Series is a spinoff from The Silver Lights Books Series. It is written by Michelle Lynn, Author and Actress, and when completed it will have seven 30 minutes episode to complete season 1. Author Michelle Lynn is a gifted storyteller, receiving a silver medal in the New York City Book Awards in contemporary fiction for Silver Heels, and third place medal for Silver Lights.

The TV script and series takes place in a different location than original book series which is set in New York City for book one and book two. It is set in Las Vegas, and the cast of characters and problems do not mirror the exact plot of the book series. However, she still brings light to the fascinating world of of exotic dancing, mobsters, political scandals , and high powered real estate deals in her first scripted drama series.

Michelle Lynn is an author, actress, painter and health founder of The Zen Diet.

tv series

Script Archives

Pilot Episode 1:

“Wet Feet”

Pilot Episode 2:

“The Smell Of A Rat” Due End Of April

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