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Michelle is an award winning actress, author, screenwriter and filmmaker. She is a motion picture entrepreneur at Silver Lights Studios

Her love for writing and acting began early in life. An avid writer of short stories from the age of 9, and a die-hard fan of blockbuster movies like Adventures in Babysitting, The Gremlins and Dirty Dancing became the burning passion to Michelle’s interest in pursuing a career in both writing and film. After college, Michelle attended The Chicago School of Acting and The Cleveland Playhouse for on camera film techniques.

As of January 2024, Michelle has won 209 career awards spanning the areas of filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, and books. Her feature scripts as of early January 2024 have won over 88 screenplay awards in international film festivals with most of them IMDb qualifying. She also has received 38 best actress awards. She is nominated in the 2024 annual Red Movie Festival for best actress in 2023 in which Tom Holland is up for best actor, putting her in the level of A-list talent.

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How The Silver Lights Series Came About

about michelle lynn

Michelle Lynn was born to storytell, act, and inspire. From the time she wrote her first short story at age 9 to her freelance writing jobs and her days of performing in figure skating competitions, something in her intuition told her she was destined to be center stage. It wasn’t until she moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams of acting that her life started to crumble before her own eyes. She struggled in every aspect including paying bills, juggling three jobs, and finding her happy place in a lonely city that left her with a rotten flavor. Her taste for the Big Apple soon began to rot away the dreams she had of becoming a Hollywood Star.

She felt defeated in every way, and it wasn’t until one day during an audition, the casting manager deliberately skipped over her for the leading role, instead he told her, “You should just focus your efforts on being an “extra”, because your credentials are weak.” It was this experience that drove Michelle to change her destiny by putting her conquest to paper.

When she departed the “City of Dreams” to embark on a new path while mourning the loss of her beloved sister, Laurie, she was able to receive clairvoyant messages from the other side, giving her faith that one day she would reach her childhood dreams. The deeper she explored her spiritual journey, she began to feel lighter, brighter, and uplifted. The rejection began to fade into darkness, as the light of her clairvoyance became her compass to push her in the direction of her god given talent as a storyteller and actress.  It was after publishing her food and lifestyle books, her clairvoyance pushed her closer to her dreams by guiding her in writing The Silver Lights Series.

As of January 2024, Michelle has received 209 career awards for her film, writing and acting. Her short film “An Ever After Drama” has received 108 awards, including 38 for best actress. Her film has received over 140 film nominations. She is up for Best Actress of 2023 in the 2024 Red Movie Film Festival in which Tom Holland is up for Best Actor.

In addition she has won over 88 screenplay awards, and two of her feature screenplays are finalists in the world renowned Paramount Film Festival. Michelle continues to focus on her crafts in writing, acting and filmmaking with her motion picture company, Silver Lights Studios, founded with the production of her first short film in December 2022.

In her free time, she paints for The Michelle Lynn Brand, advocates for healthy living and models swimsuits, travels to tropical climates, practices hot yoga, cooks, works out, attends red carpet events, and charity events. Overall, she credits her faith and her guidance from the spiritual world to reconnecting her back to her destiny and god given gifts as an award winning writer, actress, and filmmaker.


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